Let us start from scratch,if you have an online presence then you need to know that the website or the app- whatever the case- is being “hosted” somewhere.

This short piece will talk about the top 8 things that you need to check or ask before zeroing in on the provider.

1. Shared resources or Dedicated –Ask this question at the onset for people tend to oversell their resources to mint money. Make sure that your resources are dedicated and not shared. I am not a huge fan of shared hosting,as it is- it is just a security loophole among various other pigeon holes that you would rather not get into. Sharing resources would mean that you are going to get in the harm’s way due to noisy neighbours.

2. The price- Seems a little obvious,eh? It isn’t. There are only a few providers who bill you monthly on a package,mostly providers will bill you for different components- the bandwidth(can be so expensive depending on the location of your DC). Ask as to what is included in the package that they are selling you. Better than swooning at the sight of the bill,presented at the end of the billing cycle.

3. Location,Location,Location- Cannot empasize this enough,please ask about the location in which your instance/website/server would be hosted. Location matters due to several reasons,latency or the speed being the most important one. It is simple,if you are a firm like,Pool Wallet- the major chunk of your requests would be coming in from India and hence it makes more sense to be hosted with a provider like Cloudrino or on an instance in India.

4.DDOS Protection- I am surprised by the sheer number of providers who just have no mention of this on their proposals or websites. Distributed Denial of Service is serious and can bring down your entire setup for several minutes to hours- if not handled properly. Go for a provider who actually provides DDOS protection. There are several highly expensive (Black Lotus) being one but your resource provider should ensure that there is protection upto a certain cap.

5.Support- Again,seems like a tad too obvious,right? It isn’t. There are horrendous cases wherein you willl be charged in the billing cycle for support tickets after a certain number. Read the fine print. Keep in mind the time difference- yes,not all providers have 24*7 support- it is only lip service and for verification of this,reviews are your best bet. Look for subtle things,though- does the provider seem transparent or are they dodgy with just an email ID for support?

6. HA/Uptime- Very important,nowadays. You need to ask whether your provider has a concept or feature that entails a High Availability Architecture — wherein 100% uptime is guaranteed. Do ask them about their uptime in the last month,quarter and year,as well. This will give them an idea about their network and likelihood of your website suffering downtime.

7. Scaling Options –Again a very pertinent question. Do ask,whether there is an option to scale and how long does it take if that option is exercised. With some providers,one has to face a downtime or wait for several hours before the changes reflect on the plan that they have chosen. So,ask this question- ideally,you would want a provider who allows upgrade and downgrade at a click.

8. Disaster Recovery/Backup/Security- Ask about the Tier of the DC. Tier refers to the n+1 (..) of the redundancy that the provider has- it should be at least a Tier 2. your best bet would be a Tier 3 Data Centre. This refers to redundancy in terms of network,uplinks,electricity backup etc. A Tier 3 DC would be certified and have the requisite security details as well. Do ask about firewalls,both hardware and software and whether they already have them in place or would you be expected to configure it? Also,keep in mind the backup and recovery/restore options. Again,your best bet would be a provider that allows for backup/screenshots/recovery at a click.

Thankfully,Cloudrino offers all the above and more features,in terms of security,scale and functionality.

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